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15 Minute Traffic Siphon was written out of necessity. I literally had people HOUNDING me about getting traffic. Where do they start? How do they get more of it? Should they pay for it? Everyone who is in the web marketing world needs traffic of some sort. If you want to make money online, you need human beings to see your content - be it a PPC ad, a blog post, a Facebook status update or an email.

You need traffic.

I put out a series of courses on website flipping, Flipping Paradise. In Flipping Paradise (and the follow up video series) we go over building assets to sell on Flippa, assets that don't need to make a lot of money (which is how websites are traditionally valued) but instead have other aspects of value, this could be active social accounts, loyal readers, engaging content, consistent traffic or all of these. But people always got hung up on traffic.


It's always what people seem to need and everyone wants to take the shortcuts around it. Most people go back to SEO - talk about miserable. Keeping up with constant changes in Google's algorithm is not only hard, but it can be VERY expensive and it takes A LONG TIME to see your results work, if they do at all.

I've been down that rabbit hole.

Siphoning traffic will be, by far, the best money you invest into traffic generation. It's quick, it's easy, it's reliable. 3 Things SEO isn't.

One of the keys to traffic is FOCUS on 1 method and do it very well. Notice where you're getting results and DUPLICATE those results consistently over and over and over again. Don't wander around and do a little SEO here, a little social marketing there, a little blog commenting here and realize you're not getting ANY traffic.

''The fox that chases two rabbits comes home hungry''

-Ancient Proverb

Don't be that fox. Chase this rabbit and come home with dinner. Let's get started.

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