Tip 9: Boost Your Social Signal

I guess most of you already know a lot about the Google social ranking system integration but not quite a lot of people knows how to employ to work for them and get them the kind of results they want.

I won’t spend time talking about panda updates, social ranking integration, why you need a social signal and what not. I’m going to go straight to the point and tell you all you need to do to generate the kind of SERIOUS and STRONG social signals that I use to sweep Google under my feet.

Andjust so you, you need a strong social signal to rank for a highly competitive term or all your efforts will probably become a major flop. And most times, a really strong social signal for your site will probably take you to the first page of Google especially for medium and less competitive keywords.

They are 5 places where this social signal really matters and they are...

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Youtube
  4. Google+
  5. Digg

And of these social sites have a method that counts for them. So, let me show you now...


  • Setup a fanpage (and get in at least 500 members there)
  • Share your site on the fanpage and purchase likes and comments of your wall update. The more comments and likes about your site under the wall update you posted, the better and stronger social signal that you will generate for your site.


  • Setup a twitter account (and configure your profile with your site)
  • Tweet your website then get retweets for the tweet. The more the number of retweet your site gets, the more serious and strong your social signal will be.


  • Setup youtube channel (and get in a lot of subscribers)
  • Publish a video for your sites and get lots of “views”, “likes” and “comments” for the video. The more of these that this video gets, the stronger your social signal


  • Setup your Google+ accounts
  • Plus one your site and get hundreds of plus ones to your site too


  • Setup a digg account
  • Digg your site and off course, get a lot of Digg ups and likes to your dig to boost your social signal

I won’t be posting any links here as promised earlier, so if you want to get any of these social signals,just try Fiverr.com or Warrior Forum, you can see a ton of people offering services on these social signals.

The fact is that Google is personalizing everything now, they want it to be all Google and they are purely showing this through their new social ranking system.

I will advise you to make your contents shareable, get a lot of likes, comments and links from trusted and popular social networks especially those owned by Google.

Use social buttons to make contents on your site shareable, Google loves and in fact, if you watch the search engines carefully, you see that everything is going social. From my guess, this social stuff is going to get really BIG this year so my final advice to you is that youjust go with flow.

So, that’s about it...

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