Tip 8: Don’t Over Optimize Your Sites

...especially if it’s an EMD site!

EMD site means an Exact Match Domain site.

And these category of sites are usually over optimized easily and this in turn yield results negative to what the owner might have had in mind.

And this usually happens during the onpage SEO process when most affiliates focus all their contents on their main keywords struggling to get a first page ranking.

Anyways, let mejust give you a run down on how I structure my contents on my EMD sites.

If I had an EMD site on the keyword “Sony Pavillion D400” with 2 LSI keywords as “Sony Pavillion Products” and “Pavillion D400 Review” and I intend to have 5 articles on my EMD site.

Unlike most affiliate marketers, I won’t focus all 5 articles on my main keyword which is “sony pavilion d400” and just sprinkle my LSI keywords in the articles, instead, I will have my articles search engine optimized in this format.

  • First Article: optimized for “sony pavilion d400” and I will sprinkle the 2 LSI keywords in the article

  • Second Article: optimized for “sony pavilion products”

  • Third Article: optimized for “pavilion d400 review”

  • Fourth Article: optimized for main keyword “sony pavilion d400”

  • Fifth Article: optimized for all 3 keywords with the main keyword having the priority.

With this strategy of structuring your articles, you won’t over optimize

your site which is very common with EMD sites as this will now give them a bit of a broader focus.


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