Tip 7: Make Sure ALL Links Counts

This is an aspect of offpage SEO that a lot of people do not really pay attention to and this stuff is costing them a lot...

Even the few paying attention to it are still making a lot of mistakes.

So, for the last time... PAY ATTENTION and know exactly what you need to do to make all links on your site count.

You see, a lot of people think that Linklicious.me is all it takes to make your links count...

And that’s the HUGE mistake they’ve been making.

It may have worked before but right now, that’s a little bit far from the truth.

The stuff is that over a million if not tens of millions of crazy backlinks are created daily (talk of just the ones created with xrumer alone) and it’s the workload of Google to index and craw all these links daily too.

But guess what...

Less than 10% of these million links created daily are indexed and crawled daily...

You will be surprised to learn that even some links created on authority sites will neither be indexed nor crawled especially when it’s not given any priority by the authority site unlike in homepage backlinks.

So, the simple truth is that if you want to squeeze your links into these 10% that is crawled and indexed then you have to do a little more than what you’ve been doing right now.

And that’s just as simple as the truth goes...

Linklicious.me or other link indexing programs won’t cut it most of the time...

You need to XX-Power your backlinks to show Google that the backlink is very relevant. It provides or links to a quality information and that’s the reason, other sites are also linking to it.

By doing this, you end up achieving 2 things...

  1. Making sure that the backlink is indexed and crawled by Google
  2. Giving the backlink an extrajuice, a backlink of its PR range will not usually have.

So, how do you do this...?

  • Add your links to Linkl icious.me or any other link indexing program you trust
  • The main step: XX power your links using Scrapebox and Xrumer blasts. And ensure that these deep links are anchored with the keywords related to the main keyword you want to rank for in your main niche site. 

The more the number of links you use the XX power, the better results you are going to get and also run these scrapebox and xrumer links through a pinger or an indexer too. 

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