Tip 6: Extensively Use YOUTUBE Videos

This one is another straight up tip that needs no biased instructions.

If you are looking for top rankings, then bring the SEO HEAT to your site through youtube videos.

In the first 2-3 posts before the final money post on your site, you can blast them with related youtube videos.

You can make in such a way that each article on you site has 2 youtube videos.

  • One video from your own youtube account
  • The second video from any other youtube account, this second video should be a really popular video in your niche (related to your keyword, not just some random video).

And each of these videos should be related to the topic you treated in the article so it has a lot of relevancy to the current topic.

I know this stuff and the kind of SEO HEAT it brings to your site is equivalent to the one used in launching rockets...

That means to say, this stuff will launch your site to the top of Google as rockets are launched to the space.

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