Tip 5: Link to AUTHORITY Sites

This new SEO wave is blowing all through and unfortunately, not a lot of people care about.

But here is the thing, if you don’t care about it, you are losing some rankings and as well, losing some authorities to command you niche too.

I won’t go much into details because I believe this is just one straight

instruction that needs no explanation.

When building your niche sites (Google Detonator or not), link out to trusted authority sites that offers more details or any information on the keyword you are optimizing for.

Such sites to link out to are

  • Wikipedia.org
  • Aboutus.org
  • Wiki Answers
  • Yahoo Answers
  • eHow.com

All you need to do is find a top in their site that is related to the keyword you are optimizing your site for and link to it.

You can link out to 2 or 3 authority sites if you want to but I think that having just one link to an authority site is already enough.

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