Tip 4: Drip Feed Your Links

Warning: Do NOT Drop Bombs On Your Site...!

...Cos they will kill you too.

It’s as simple as that.

I’m surprised to see that a lot of people out there are still making the mistake of blasting their sites with links all at once. This is a really bad SEO practice.

In a private case study I did with SenukeX, I personally discovered the power of drip feeding links.

Here is what happened...

  • I had 2 pages in one site optimized for same keyword with equal keyword density and onpage optimation for both pages.
  • Then I designed an SenukeX campaign structure to be used for both pages
  • In Page A, I set it up to build all links in 1 day while in Page B, I set it up to build all links in 7 days (and before I started none of these pages was in top 100 in Google according to my Rank Tracker software).
  • After a day, all links and indexing for Page A was already completed and in 7 days, so was completed for Page B
  • I gave a gap of extra 3 days before rechecking my Google rankings using the Rank Track software.
  • At then, Page A was ranked #28 while Page B was on #7 on the first page of Google for the same keyword.

Remember that I optimized these 2 pages for the same keyword, the 2 pages were under same site and I made sure they had equal onpage optimization and of course, I used same senuke campaign structure for them, I never built any extra links. So, the only determining factor was the number of days, the links were built to the site.

I noticed something during this case study, as the links were drip fed to Page B day by day, the ranking also continually to rise page by page unlike in Page A where the rankings just blew up from not in top 100 to #34 before finally stopping at #28.

But even after this single case study, I was still reluctant to conclude my finding on drip fed and non-drip fed links.

Although, I was very much aware that drip feeding links is very important to avoid Google ban, but the case here was not that, I was researching on the fact that “Drip Feeding Links Will Get You Higher Google Rankings”

So, I went ahead to do more case studies and even went beyond Senuke as I did it with blog networks and with various types of links and at the end of it all, I can confirm that...

Drip Feeding Links is Way BETTER...!

So, if you are among those who normally do not have the patience to drip feed links and making statements like “man, Google won’t ban you... just blast those links” which in most cases may be true...

I will now give you 2 reasons to drip feed your links

  1. Drip feed your links to get high Google rankings than before
  2. Drip feed your links to avoid Google ban if it ever comes to that

I hope that makes a lot whole of sense, right?

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