Tip 2: Have a Diverse Anchor Text Profile

Just as you have a diverse and solid link profile, you need to also have a diverse and solid anchor text profile.

Time has passed where sending all your links with one anchor text will game Google, to game Google, you need to pretty smarter than that.

Since November 2011, I’ve taking my personal time to research on the sites ranking high in Google for really competitive terms and I noticed something...

...all these sites have a serious diverse and solid anchor text profiles.

And you can be sure that I’m not making my analysis based on a research on one site alone, my analysis is based on research on over 100 sites ranking for highly, moderately and low competitive terms.

And of course, I’ve personally deployed this strategy on my site and saw the magic in it.

Warning: if you want a #1 ranking for moderately and highly competitive terms then pay serious attention to what I’m about to tell you now...

When I’m talking about diverse anchor text profile, I don’t mean have anchor texts from your primary keywords and 2 LSI keywords, it’s very far from that.

You see, a lot of naive computer geeks claiming to be SEO experts but spends 7 days a week sellingjunk forum profiles on Fiverr thinks that having a diverse anchor text profile is using your primary keyword and 2 LSI keywords as anchor texts to create diversity.

But I’m telling you that it’s very far from that...

Maybe that will work for you if you want to rank for really low competition terms

But if you start going after the BIG guns, the game of anchor texts is totally different...

If you are going to go after BIG guns, you need to also bring HEAVY guns to the battle...

The combination of your primary keyword and 2 lsi keywords won’t cut it...

You need links with anchor texts diversity of up to 10 related keywords if possible... no kidding!

Here is what I mean....

If want to rank to a keyword like: “LG electronics” with my main 2 LSI keywords as “buy LG electronics” and “LG electronics review”.

When I’m building my links, I won’t use only these 3 keywords as my anchor texts...

I will implore more diversity in my anchor text profile with related keywords such as “LG dvd, LG dvd reviews, LG television, LG dvd

H114, LG H114 reviews, LG refrigerator, LG air conditioner review... etc.”

I will link using as many related keywords as possible for my anchor texts...

This creates a such a massive anchor text profile that Google now loves, it tells them how diverse your site is and how big and popular it is because a lot of people are linking to your site for a lot of terms meaning that you have a lot stuff in deck...

In fact, it gives your site an immediate AUTHORITY status in Google and I don’t need to tell you what this will do your rankings.

But there is something else, so PAY ATTENTION!

When doing this, you don’t want to lose face in Google by not showing

priority to the main keywords you want to rank for thereby causing you to lose your main rankings.

So, here is how I show my priority...

  • Primary keyword - around 50 - 70% of the anchor texts but I normally have it at 60% most of the time
  • Main LSI keywords - around 20 - 30% of the anchor texts, mostly 20% if they 2 keywords or 30% if they 3 keywords.
  • Diverse Creating LSI keywords - around 10 - 20% of the anchor texts depending

With this method, my site won’t lose face in Google for the main keywords I want to rank for why creating a really strong and formidable anchor text profile.

And here is a secret you need to know when applying these keywords used for anchor text diversification

  • Pick around 5 - 10 max
  • Pick keywords with really low competition (in fact... pick those with low competition, it doesn’t matter if they have less than 50 exact searches, it’s good as far as Google keyword tool shows them up as a related keyword to your main keyword)
  • If it’s safe, you can sprinkle them in your articles but don’t mess up, if it will lower the quality of your article then do not bother inserting them.

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