Tip 1: Have a Diverse Link Profile

It’s very surprising that up on till now, a lot of people are still messing around their link profiles.

If your site is highly optimized, you may use a couple of high PR homepage backlinks to get to the top but if it’s a competitive niche, such results won’t last.

To have and maintain a stable and SOLID ranking, you need links coming from diverse areas, I’m talking about video links, image links, PDF links, power point links, contextual links etc...

Here is how I keep my link profile:

  • 60% blog based contextual links (including homepage backlinks and web 2.0  sites like blog.com, blog.co.uk, wordpress.com, etc... and article submissions)
  • 10% wiki based contextual links
  • 10% profile links (I’m talking profile links from high PR aged social network sites and high PR aged forum but mostly profile links from web 2.0 sites)
  • 5% blog comment backlinks (please, if you really want to get the kind of success I get, only purchase “manual low OBL high PR blog comments” and be sure to confirm that your comment will not be paginated)
  • 5% video, document, image and slide sharing links
  • 10% social bookmark and press release links

With such a diverse and SOLID link profile, you will have Google in your sleeves ANY time... 

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